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Wind Drift

As a consequence of the above points, a higher BC ammunition will be less affected by wind displacement than a lower BC ammunition.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 18.34.44.png

The graphs below show the lateral displacement of the point of impact of the VASILY Z and SIMO H compared to two of the most popular ammunition on the market, when affected by a 10 km/h side wind. 


The superb BC of the SIMO H is reflected in the fact that at 100 meters the point of impact moves less than 5 cm from the target and at 200 meters a little more than 19 cm, which contrasts with the 11 cm of the JSB KnockOut 25.39gr (*) and a little more than 9 cm of the Nielsen 31.2gr (*) at 100 meters. While at 200 meters the displacement reaches 43 cm and almost 37 cm respectively.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 18.34.23.png

Have you been thinking about changing caliber to get better performance, perhaps the following example might interest you: we compare the lateral displacement between a .30 caliber FX M3 with FX Hybrid Slugs of 44.5gr (*) and the AirMaks KATRAN X HP .22 caliber with the VASILY Z of 30.8gr. The result will not leave you indifferent ...


(*) JSB, Nielsen Specialty Ammo and FX Airguns are registered trademarks for their respective products mentioned.

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