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Which one is the most suitable for my rifle?

Good long distance groupings are achieved by taking into account not only the ammunition and its appropriate muzzle velocity, but also the characteristics of each barrel. Our ammunition is available, for the .22 caliber, in diameters ranging from 5.48mm to 5.52mm, and can also be used in rifles with choked barrels of recognized brands such as CZ and Lothar Walther. In the following chart you can find some test references, but the last word will be your own experience.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 11.27.04.png

Sample Pack

A convenient sample package is available for VASILY Z ammunition in .22 caliber, with diameters of 5.48mm, 5.49mm, 5.50mm and 30 pieces each. A good way to find the right alternative for your rifle/telescopic sight configuration.


With everything selected, the next step is to stamp your ballistic solution on a professional ballistic label, logically .... of PLENO!

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