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Vasily Z & Simo H

Designed for long-range shooting, PLENO!'s VASILY Z and SIMO H slugs are manufactured using innovative turning technology on CNC machines. The result: a low-friction ammunition with very precise dimensions, almost no weight variation and outstanding axial symmetry. Ballistic Coefficients (BC) of 0.15 and 0.18 G1 respectively in .22 caliber (the highest on the market), translate into higher energy retention, consistent muzzle velocity, less wind drift and flatter trajectory. Specially designed for competitions such as NLR22 or PRS and long distance hunting.

Manufacturing using CNC turning

The best known air rifle ammunition on the market are manufactured by casting or swaging. Vasily Z and Simo H, on the other hand, are manufactured with a patented technology on CNC machines specially designed for this work. The resulting ammunition has very precise dimensions and almost no weight variation. The axial symmetry achieved with this method, added to the purity of the manufacturing material, results in an ammunition that is well balanced on its axis, which increases its accuracy and consistency.

Highest BC on the market

In simple terms, the ballistic coefficient (or BC for Ballistic Coeficient) is a value that indicates the ability of a projectile to overcome air resistance during its trajectory. The higher the ballistic coefficient, the greater the projectile's ability to overcome air resistance.


But what does this mean for you as a shooter?

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 18.44.31.png

In our tests (*), even though the JSB Jumbo Monster (R) pellets have a higher energy output than the other ammunition, their low ballistic coefficient determines that from 40 meters onwards they retain less energy. The VASILY Z, on the other hand, are the ones that reach 150 meters with the greatest amount of energy, but this could be attributed to their greater weight, therefore we observe the following graph that shows the percentage of retained energy of each ammunition from its output energy. Here it is much more evident the determining factor of the ballistic coefficient: the VASILY Z at 200 meters retains about 66% of its output energy, far above the other ammunitions.


(*) Test platform: AirMaks Arms Katran X HP CAL .22 700mm. Each ammunition fired with factory settings.

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