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Frequently asked questions

What are ballistic labels?

They are self-adhesive labels, installed by the user on the turrets of his riflescope, replacing the marks that come from the factory that indicate the number of clicks (in MOA or MILs) by marks of distance to the target and / or wind compensation, in addition to other complementary indicators. They are made from information provided by the client, such as the ammunition's muzzle velocity, its weight, setup data of the rifle, the riflescope and weather conditions.

What data do I need to submit to build my label?

The essential data is:

  • If the telescopic sight is not found in our database, you must enter the diameter and the usable height of the turret you want to customize, measured on the surface where the label will be installed (see figure 1).

  • Data on the ammunition to be used with the rifle / sight configuration where the label will be installed (caliber or diameter, weight, length, ballistic coefficient) and its muzzle velocity, normally measured with a chronograph. If you do not have all the ammunition data, we can assist you in obtaining the information .

  • Scope height: measured from the center of the barrel to the center of the objective of the sight (see figure 2). A simple formula to obtain the scope height  (H) is: the diameter of the scope objective divided by 2 (h1), plus the diameter of the barrel divided by 2 (h3), plus the height between the edge of the scope objective and the edge of the barrel (h2).

       H = h1 + h2 + h3


  • Zero distance, collimation or calibration of the rifle.

The ballistic data entry form will be adjusted depending on the type of shooter the user chooses. In the case of professionals, the option of sending a file in spreadsheet format is also available, a common option in ballistic calculation programs such as Chairgun Pro, Strelok Pro or Ballistic Data Analytics.


Figure 1


Figure 2

How long will my order take?

Once the ballistic data of the client is received and these are verified, the manufacture of the labels takes from 1 to 2 business days, to be later dispatched to the address indicated by the client. In the case of Chile, this can vary from 1 to 3 days.

If I don't know about ballistics, can I buy a label? Can i use it?

The nature of our product / service is precisely that no matter what type of shooter it is we can guide you to make the best recommendation (and do not waste your money). If you have no idea of ballistics but want to learn and improve your field experience, you only have to contact us prior to placing an order, so that we can assist you during the process.


We have beginner tag lines, and each order ships with installation and usage instructions. You will see how easy it can be to get a PLENO! shot .

Are all riflescopes qualified to install a ballistic label?

In general, the product is best suited for telescopic sights with exposed tactical turrets, with a straight vertical surface (cylindrical and non-conical). You can always consult for your particular sight model through the chat or contact form, do not hesitate to send us a message! .

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