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Rifle Link PLENO! edition by OBi

For professional shooters and competitors looking for a portable and robust anchoring system for their rifle and accessories. Developed by Old Balls Inc. (*), this special edition manufactured for PLENO! is composed of two types of bases: Slide and Clamp, designed to be installed on backpack straps and harnesses. On the other side are the connectors that slide and clip onto the bases. The parts are made of 6061 aluminum with type 3 hard anodizing. The plastic trim is a solid piece of polyethylene.

Whether you're on the range or out in the field, the Rifle Link will make it easy to meet competition safety standards, allow for quick engagement and freedom in the use of your hands when you need it.

(*) Patent pending

Silde_LOCK - 1.png

Slide Lock

It delivers the base for adjustment on standard 1-inch molle straps, with the possibility of being installed in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Clamp_LOCK - 1.png

Clamp Lock

It delivers the robust base to be screwed onto 1 and 1.5 inch straps, with the possibility to be installed in vertical or horizontal orientation.

RL_Shooter - 2.png
enganches 2.001.png


Quick Detach Hitch for QD mounts pre-installed on your rifle frame, allows for a quick hitch or   alternation between your traditional strap and   the Rifle Link .

enganches 2.003.png


Integrated latch in a module for full slot M-LOCK.

enganches 2.004.png


Integrated latch in a module for half M-LOCK slot.

enganches 2.002.png


Practical hook on any type of strap and/or accessory such as shooting bags.

RL_Shooter - 1.png
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