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1.- Register: it will allow you not only to have a record of your purchase, but also to be able to save your data form with which your labels will be built in case you do not have the data at hand. In addition, you can access special benefits and promotions for registered members.

2.- Check our catalog and choose the labels that you like the most. We have models for high data density (AD) to record distances for every 2 or 3 clicks.

3.- After placing your order, the form for sending the ballistic data will be available:

.- Select the type of shooter: "Professionals", the option to upload an exported file will be displayed from your favorite ballistic software, typically in spreadsheet format.

.- Choose your telescopic sight or enter the data / dimensions if it is not in the database.

.- If you do not upload a file, you will have our form available anyway.

4.- At the end of the ballistic data submission form you will find a section to send directions. If you want specific information per click you can do it here following a format of the type:

0 Clicks - 100 yd (zero)

2 Clicks - 120 yd

4 Clicks - 150 yd

7 Clicks - 180 yd


Our design team (SO) will be available to attend any special indication you have.

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