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Steps for intermediate shooters

1.- Register: it will allow you not only to have a record of your purchase, but also to be able to save your data form with which your labels will be built in case you do not have the data at hand. In addition, you can access special benefits and promotions for registered members.

2.- Check our catalog and choose the labels that you like the most. We have models specially designed for hunters who want to push their limits of distance and precision.

3.- After placing your order, the form for sending the ballistic data will be available:

.- Select the type of shooter: "Intermediate-hunter"

.- Choose your riflescope or enter the data / dimensions if it is not in the database.

.- The form will be adapted to enter data similar to what you would use in a ballistic calculation software. If you do not have all the required information at hand, you can save the form and resume it from the menu of your account, section "My forms".

4.- At the end of the ballistic data submission form you will find a section for sending directions, in which you can specify, for example, the distances you want to appear printed on your elevation label from zero, either in steps or patterns . Suppose you have your rifle calibrated at 40 meters, then you can indicate that you want printed distances every 5 meters. (40, 45, 50, etc) or according to a pattern such as 40, 43, 45, 48, 50 mts.

Keep in mind that all distance, offset and gauge information is subject to the useful space of your turrets. Following the previous example, if the space is very small, it is possible that medium distance indicators are used, for example: 40 ·   50 · 60.

Of course, you can contact us for assistance or answer any questions you have in the process.

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